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  • Repair service we take deposit first , You send email or call for quote and post in device . we will post your device back after repair done. we cover the postage. or you can bring in your device into one of our shops for repair after deposit

  • Please back up your device before sending to us!

The following is the latest price for screen change, which beats all stores, and can be compared at will

IPhone 6 - $70

iPhone 6 Plus - $90

iPhone 6s - $80

iPhone 6s Plus - $90

iPhone 7- $100

iPhone 7 Plus - $110

iPad 2,3,4 - $70

iPad mini - $80

The following is the latest price for battery replacement

IPhone 6 - $50

IPhone 6 - $55

iPhone 6 Plus - $65

iPhone 6s - $60

iPhone 6s Plus - $65

iPhone 7- $65

iPhone 7 Plus - $70

iPad 2,3,4 - $145

iPad mini 1,2- $115

Mobile phone, tablet computer repair parts center, chain store, spot repair, low price warranty. Phone Mechanic is a mobile phone repair chain store that provides a combination of repair and electronic accessories. We have more than 15 years of practical experience, excellent reputation, excellent technology, and We have won many industry peer medals and praise from customers. Our customers cover ordinary households and large enterprises. We insist on all maintenance quality assurance and high quality and low price. Your smile and return visit are our greatest rewards. Phone Mechanic Business Scope: Maintenance Specializing in Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, SONY, Xiaomi, Oppo and other mobile phone problems. Broken LCD screen replacement; water ingress repair; hoarse, quiet, silent speaker; handset replacement; battery replacement; motherboard Trouble repair; system reset; software problem; password reset; data recovery; antenna cover, vibrator; not charging; HOME button repair and replacement; rich experience in jailbreaking. Phone Mechanic business scope: We provide professional accessories Different types of mobile phone film, mobile phone charging equipment: car charger, home charger, mobile power bank and wireless charger; charging cable, various, various, fashionable and novel mobile phone cases, waterproof and dustproof cases. Used to fix mobile phones in the car There are different styles of mobile phone holders. Selfie artifacts, mobile phone cases for sports. Wireless, Bluetooth speakers, earphones, data transmission lines, multi-country charging adapters, audio cables. New electronic toys for children and adults. Contact us: 0411627989/0450779688。or

Of course, you can also send your phone to us for repair, we need you to write a note and write down:

  • 1. Your name
  • 2. Contact number
  • 3. Description of problem
  • 4. Phone model

Please send this note to us together with the courier, we will repair it according to your requirements, thank you