OPPO A91 (Dual SIM 4G, 48MP, 128GB/8GB) - Lightning Black



Secondhand Phone Term and Condition HOW TO BUY: Step 1: Contact Customer Service at 0423440528/0450 779 688 to place the order. Step 2: Receive the invoice confirmation from email. Step 3: Pay for the invoice and provide the screenshot of payment. Step 4: Order will be processed once your payment cleared in our bank account. TERM AND CONDITION: The phones order will be invoiced and shipped separately to online parts/accessories order (We WILL NOT combine the phones and parts/accessories into one parcel). Insurance cover is compulsory for your shipment. The phones MUST HAVE our warranty sticker for warranty cover. We DO NOT accept any warranty return without our warranty sticker on the phones. NOTE: Please inform our customer service team immediately within 7days if you find out the phones have any issue. Our customer service team will advise you for the warranty processing. The phones will be sent out as the listing with the condition 80% and above on frame and screen. Batteries will be at 80% and above as well. RETURN DISCLAIMER we do not accept return due to scratches/bad condition (as agreed on 80% condition and above) the stock will be random picked to delivery to the customer of any agreed condition (80% and above). We do not accept pick and chose the phone. we do not accept return due to personal issue or change of mind.